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Who We Are

I'm Mary and I set up Project Flutter.

I was diagnosed with kidney cancer and treatment was complex due to existing underlying health conditions.

You often hear of people being diagnosed with cancer, but you never expect it to happen to you. Its a life changing event.


At my diagnosis I discovered there was little support, understanding or awareness of kidney cancer.

Information was limited, with no booklets provided at the hospital to read, or referrals to any support network etc. All of which would have made a difference.


I am now in remission.


Others however, are just at the start of their experience with cancer.

I am lucky to do this with the help of my family and some good friends. 


My Why

The thing that doesn't prepare you for a diagnosis with kidney cancer, is just how alone you can feel. 

I started Project Flutter to provide kidney cancer patients with Butterfly Boxes and Bags containing essential items and treats that are useful for any hospital stay, and to bring a little brightness at a difficult time.

They also contain information for patients and their families where they can get  support from the charity, Kidney Cancer UK and Action Kidney Cancer. Their support and information is vital following diagnosis, and for the days ahead - Project Flutter is supported by Kidney Cancer UK and Action Kidney Cancer.

This project is  self-funded, and supported by donations, and from the kindness of others. No external funding is received and no profits are made from any postage donations.


Together we can bring a little brightness to the lives of people diagnosed with kidney cancer.

How You Can Help

Your kind donations will help to support patients nationwide who are dealing with Kidney Cancer.

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